Photo and Video: Fly-Fishing Triple Plays!

Triple Play

Missouri River guide John Herzer with one brown, one cutty, and one rainbow, caught simultaneously by three anglers on two boats on Montana’s Bitterroot River.

photo courtesy Mark Elliot

Fly fishers talk about all kinds of “Grand Slams,” but that’s mostly a saltwater term. On consecutive days this week, however, I received a picture and a video of anglers catching three species of trout in Montana. Guide John Herzer (above) of Blackfoot River Outfitters in Missoula accomplished the remarkable feat of literally holding all three species at once!

Three clients in two boats hooked up simultaneously—using nymphs and dry-dropper rigs—to reel in the surprise catch. This completely blows away my own personal best of catching a brown, brookie, and rainbow on consecutive casts on a private stream in New York about 15 years ago.

Morgan Ford’s video below doesn’t offer the same kind of instant gratification, but it does a great job of capturing his quest to catch a brook trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout from the waters around his southeastern Wyoming home. He writes,

I’m sure it has been done too many times to count, but I wanted to catch it on film. It made for an interesting and challenging day of fishing and filming. No monster fish (to say the least), but it was definitely something new and challenging for me.

I think it makes for a great viewing experience, as well. Anyone else have a “triple-play” story to share?

307 three weight trifecta. from WY Fly media on Vimeo.

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