Picture of the Day: Lake Trout on the Fly!

Lake Trout

Lake trout aren’t that common as fly-rod quarry, mostly because they often inhabit deeper water,
but Todd will assure you that they put up a helluva fight.

photo courtesy Todd Van Dyke

We post a lot of trout, here on the Fly Fsihing blog, but i believe this is our first laker. Blog reader Todd Van Dyke sent us his favorite angling picture, along with the story behind it:

Attached is a picture that my friend Kyle took of me in Quetico Provencial Park in May 2010. If you are not familiar, QPP is a wilderness canoe camping area. The trip was especially meaningful for me, as I had been on the trip several times as a kid, even purchasing my first Clearwater Rod for my first trip. Now many years later, my friend and I were back in QPP for a six-night adventure. On our fourth night of the trip, I caught this 30-inch lake trout where we were camping, at the base of the falls behind me. The fish took a Black and Purple Beadhead Wooly Bugger I had tied myself. I was dead-drifting it through the wash at the bottom and the line when tight. There was that slight hesitation, and tension building, and then he took off. Next thing I knew, I was into my backing. It was a phenominal experience! It was truly the fish of a lifetime for me, and has us heading back to QPP again this year.

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