Picture of the Day: James’s First Steel

James's First Steel

James Daley enjoys the fruits of his first-ever steelheading trip to Pennsylvania’s Elk Creek.

photo by Tim Daughton

James Daley, the Orvis graphic designer responsible for some of the funny photo illustrations that have appeared on this blog (see here and here) sent me this photo along with the story behind it:

I was lucky enough to get asked to go on the annual Orvis steelhead fishing trip this year, and took full advantage of the experience. Getting to fish with guys like Steve Hemkens, Tim Daughton, and Shawn Brillon was something I was extremely excited about, hoping some of their knowledge would pour over the brim, and I could soak it up like dirty dish sponge. For me, the chance to learn from these three guys was epic.

We left Vermont just after midnight on a Friday morning and landed at Pennsylvania’s Elk Creek at 8 or so that morning. We got in some breakfast and then hit the water. The day started off slow for me, as I was still getting the hang of the different techniques, but before noon I had already landed four fish and hooked another six. I definitely had the itch.

We stayed on the water till 5:30 or six, went back to the lodge got in some much needed sleep, and started the whole thing over in the morning. The second day was much colder, with snow falling and water temps dropping. I was told this was “chroming weather.” We had only been on the water for 15 minutes or so when I landed this fish, and suddenly the cold wasn’t a factor any more. I think I’ll be doing this again.

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