Picture of the Day: First Tarpon

Jeff Tarpon

Orvis liquidations manager Jeff Swedberg headed to Florida last week and landed his very first tarpon, with guide David Mangum. He doesn’t look too excited about it, does he?

photo by Steve Hemkens

BONUS Picture of the Day: The orginal of the image above was a little dark, so I sent it to James Daley–one of our graphic designers and a bit of an evil genius–to see if he could lighten things up. James did a great job removing the shadow of Jeff’s hat, and he also decided that Jeff needed a little help with his wardrobe. Jeff liked it so much, he wrote a caption to go with it.


Jeff Tutu

“That tutu not only gave me great protection from the sun but also fished great! It allowed me the freedom to move and you can’t believe the boost you get from feeling the nice ocean breeze on your undercarriage.”–Jeff Swedberg.

doctored photo by James Daley

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