Picture of the Day: World-Class Landlocked Salmon

Huge Landlocked Salmon

Stopping to fish for a few minutes on his way to the post office in northern Michigan, Greg Miller reeled in this world-record-caliber landlocked Atlantic salmon.

photo courtesy Greg Miller

Reader Greg Miller emailed this photo of an incredible salmon, along with the story behind the catch:

I was on my day off, and on the way to the post office. I stopped on the way at a large lake in northern Michigan where I have been fishing for several years. Attached is a picture of an Atlantic Salmon that ate a Smelt pattern I was fishing. I was using my Helios 8-weight with a Mirage IV and a sinking-tip line. It took about 10 minutes to land the fish. Luckily, someone was standing nearby who was able to take a picture with my cell phone. The fish weighed in at 25 pounds, which is close to the world record for a landlocked Atlantic Salmon.

Wow! I wonder if he ever made it to the post office.

2 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: World-Class Landlocked Salmon”

  1. That’s not even close to a world record landlocked salmon, the current world record is a 45 pound salmon from sweden. Still a really nice fish though.

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