Picture of the Day: Jurassic Rainbowasaurus


We knew that Argentina’s Jurassic Lake grew big trout, but we didn’t know they got this big. (The photo obviously came right off the camera, which explains the control bar. Doh.)

photo courtesy Estancia Laguna Verde

Last night, I checked my cell phone and saw that I’d received an email from Luciana Alba at Estancia Laguna Verde in southern Argentina. Since they fish Lago Strobel (also known as Jurassic Lake), I knew it would have a picture of a big fish attached, but I didn’t actually see the photo until I got to work this morning. Wow! It makes yesterday’s brown trout look like a dink. Here’s what Luciano wrote:

Yesterday, while doing a video shoot, our head guide Juan Pablo Marcheletti caught in new waters this great female fish that measured 38 inches and weighted 24 pounds! The good thing was that we could fish new waters for this video because we opened up a new trail to go with our ATVs. So now we guess this new area will become popular pretty fast!

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