Pictures of the Day: Limay Monster Brown Trout

Limay Brown 1

Carlos Fernandez hoists a hog of a brown trout taken from Argentina’s Limay River.

photo courtesy Carlos Fernandez

The Nature Conservancy‘s Carlos Fernandez was fishing the famed Limay River outside Bariloche, Argentina, on April 15 when he laid into this monster brown trout, which tipped the scales at an astonishing 11 pounds. Check out the kype on that thing! When Carlos isn’t working hard for The Nature Conservancy protecting the grasslands of Patagonia, you are most likely to find him on a trout stream, either in Patagonia or in the intermountain west of the U.S.

There is a somewhat sad end to the story, however, as Carlos explained in an email:

Semi bad news . . . A friend asked me to lend him my Helios rod to float the Limay River and broke my rod’s tip. I was very upset when I learnt about it but couldn’t say anything. But I called Orvis and obtained a fantastic customer service from the rod repair department. I got a rod repair number and will be able to bring it to Colorado with me next week and drop it at the Orvis store in Denver and will be ready in the next 3-6 weeks. Fortunately, the fishing season ends next Monday, so this happened at the end of our fishing season.

Note to that friend: Don’t count on borrowing Carlos’s rod next October when fishing season rolls around again.

Limay 2

Carlos’s huge trout lies alongside his ill-fated Helios 7-weight.

photo courtesy Carlos Fernandez

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