Picture of the Day: Passing the Torch

Holden Daughton

15 year old Holden Daughton, son of Orvis product developer Tim Daughton,
with a chromer from New York’s Salmon River.

photo by Tim Daughton

There are few things that warm my heart more than watching my children enjoy the same pursuits in life that I do. My oldest son is turning out to be quite the angler, and this fall he was able to add steelhead to his list of fish caught with a fly rod. It won’t be long before his list is longer than mine (not that it’s a competition or anything). We had a great day fishing with another friend and his son and were able to hook and land multiple steelhead, an experience I am sure he will remember for some time. As an added bonus, I let him wear a pair of prototype waders that Orvis is testing for release in late 2012. He told me the waders were “awesome” and was wondering when he was going to get a pair of his own. I am not sure I can afford another fanatical fly fisher in the house.

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