Picture of the Day: What a Gorgeous Prom Date!

Virginia Rainbow Trout

Thomas Nave knows how to kick off Prom Night with a bang.

photo courtesy Thomas Nave

Fly-fishing guide (and sometime employee at the Orvis Roanoke, Virginia, facility) Mark McKinney sent us this great photo yesterday. It seems that Thomas Nave, senior at Hidden Valley High and soon to be freshman at Virginia Tech, had few minutes before he had to get ready for his senior prom. So what did he do with that time? He headed to a creek just down the road from the Orvis warehouse in Roanoke to get a few last casts in, of course. Good thing, too, because he landed this huge rainbow on a small Olive Woolly Bugger. We don’t know how the rest of his night went, but even the worst prom date couldn’t ruin a day that included a fish like this one!

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