Picture of the Day: South Andros ‘Cuda

Fredlon and the Cuda

South Andros Island guide Fredlon Dames with an arm’s length of toothy sea predator.

photo by Sandy Hays

A few years ago, I headed to South Andros in The Bahamas with my buddy Sandy Hays to chase bonefish on the extensive mangrove flats at the southern tip of the island. After a couple days of fantastic fishing, I told Freddy I’d like to catch a barracuda. We had to motor around a bit, but Freddy kept passing up fish until we found one big enough for his liking. On the first cast, the ‘cuda charged across the flat and hammered my fly. After one screaming run that featured three jumps, the fish settled into a tug-of-war before finally coming to the boat.

Say "Cheese"

The business end of a barracuda is not something to mess with.

photo by Sandy Hays

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