Picture of the Day: Take That, Al Lindner!

Colin's Walleye

Host Colin Mckeown is all smiles as he hoists his trophy 12-pound walleye,
a species that few fly fishers ever target.

photo courtesy Hawk Lake Lodge

Ted Putnam of Hawk Lake Lodge in Ontario sent in this unusual fly-fishing photo and the story behind it:

Colin Mckeown was here at Hawk Lake Lodge for a week taping a new episode of his fly-fishing show “The New Fly Fisher.” During his trip he has concentrated on smallmouth bass and northern pike. However he also spent some time going after the trophy walleyes that cruise these waters. Attached is a picture of a 30-inch, 12-pound walleye that Colin caught on a 9-weight rod rigged with a sinking line and leech pattern. Colin has shattered the myth that walleye can’t be caught on the fly. Latching onto a fish of this size on a fly rod is something that few anglers have ever had the opportunity to experience and that Colin certainly will never forget.

So put away those Lindy rigs and break out the fly rods. Could the walleye be the next carp: a species that goes from ignored to prized in just a few short years?

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