Picture of the Day: Another Big Virginia Musky

Cheers Muskie

Fish of a thousand casts? Pshaw.

photo courtesy Jimmy Cheers

There must be something in the water down near Orvis’s Roanoke shipping center, as this is the second big muskie of the year caught by an Orvis associate. Back in January, we posted this monster taken by one of Mark McKinney’s clients, and now Jimmy Cheers sends us a picture of a fish he landed last weekend.

Jimmy chose not to hold his fish at arm’s length, so it might not look as big as the previous muskie, but this one taped out at a very respectable 42 inches. Better yet, Jimmie caught this beast on his third cast of the day, using a Helios 8-weight and a 60-pound-test shock tippet. When he’s not out on the water, Jimmy is a Rod & Tackle Specialist, helping folks who call the Orvis help line looking for advice. I hope some of those questions are about muskies.

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