Picture of the Day: Success on the Yuba

Yuba Bow

After striking out on steelhead, Tim Silvieus and his buddy struck gold on the Yuba.

photo courtesy Tim Silvieus

Tim Silvieus is an Orvis associate at Sandanona Shooting Grounds in Milbrook, New York. He sent in this photo and the story behind it.

Recently, I got the chance to head out to Sacramento to be in a friend’s wedding. The groom was a great fly-fishing buddy of mine throughout college, and he invited me up for the week leading up to the day so we could swing for steelhead on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers. Needless to say, there hadn’t been any rain for about a month. The rivers were low and fish weren’t really moving, so I got a tip from the fly-fishing manager at Orvis Roseville, who told me to head east instead of west and to go try our luck on the Yuba River, which flows west out of the Sierras. The week couldn’t have been any better, and we both hooked into plenty of these beautiful native ‘bows. Nothing huge, but awesome nonetheless. The fish fought hard, and the groom’s last week of singleness could not have ended any better. This cell-phone picture isn’t the highest quality, but it shows my first western fish, which is the reason I’m definitely going back.

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