Pictures of the Day: Huge False Albacore

Dave Woolley's Huge Albie 1

Dave Woolley with a false albacore that most likely would have broken the state record.

photo by Chick Corrado

Connecticut-based angler Chick Corrado sent in these photos of his buddy, Dave Woolley, along with this note, which demonstrates how quickly a bad day can go good:

Dave and I spent the day out on the boat on Saturday. For the better part of the day, it was not happening, nothing but a few small bluefish and the chance to observe a nasty shouting match between two other boats. Lots of birds, small blues, but not much else. I had just landed yet another fly-trashing crappy little “bitta,’” when Dave hooked into this monster of an albie.

While we never got its weight, I would guess it was on the order of 18 pounds (well over 15, anyway) and likely shattered the Connecticut record for a false albacore. It was certainly huge and put up a great fight—a fish of a lifetime. Dave was using one the captain’s famous Playboy Bunny flies, which is little more than a white bunny tied using pink thread. Take a look a this monster and note that part of the top of its tail is missing. It swam away strong, to hopefully make someone else’s day.

Dave Woolley's Huge Albie 2

A fish like this can make thousands of fruitless casts feel worthwhile.

photo by Chick Corrado

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