Pictures of the Day: A Boy’s First Trout

Lucas 5

Four-year-old Lucas Brugger shows off his first dry-fly trout.

photo by Steve Brugger

Steve Brugger, owner of Lake Erie Ultimate Angler and proud father, sent us this series of photos of his four-year-old son, Lucas, catching his first trout on a dry fly. Lucas was casting an Elk-Hair Caddis on a 6-foot, 2-weight Superfine rod. The photos below capture the whole event. Clearly, Dad is quite excited for more exciting angling adventures to come!

Lucas 4

The Cast

photo by Steve Brugger

Lucas 8

The Fight

photo by Steve Brugger

Lucas 2

Landing the Leviathan

photo by Steve Brugger

Lucas 7


photo by Steve Brugger

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