Pictures of the Day: A Pair of Monster Striped Bass

Kaufmann Striper 2012 1

Jay Pomerantz (left) and Dave Bixby hoist the tremendous fish that Jay caught on a Mega Surf Candy.

photo courtesy John Kaufmann

Last September, we posted a couple photos of New York angler John Kaufmann with a giant, 44-inch striped bass. On Saturday, he sent in a couple more photos of monster stripers. Here is his account of the day on the water:

Well, today we put the largest bass in my boat in all the years I have been fishing. The fish was landed with the 10-weight [prototype rod], a Mirage reel, and an Orvis 350 line. It took a fly I call a Mega Surf Candy, which violates every rule I have about lifelike flies. My friend Rich Epstien accurately characterizes it as “a piece of crap tied on a hook.”

The fish was landed by Jay Pomerantz, who is the guy on the left. He is being assisted in hefting it by my partner in crime, Dave Bixby. We caught many, many large fish today. I am also attaching a picture of Dave with a very impressive striper.

Kaufmann Striper 2012 2

Dave Bixby with the smaller(!) of the trophy fish caught on Saturday.

photo courtesy John Kaufmann

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