Pictures of the Day: Psychedelic Italian Brown Trout

Italian Brown Trout 4

These are the natural colors of some Italian brown trout. . .no PhotoShop involved.

all photos courtesy Massimo Feliziani

In the April 13th edition of the Friday Film Festival, we featured a video from Italy, with this commentary: “This isn’t the greatest video, but it features one of the coolest-looking brown trout ever. At first I thought the brilliant red was an added special effect, but I can’t see how that would be possible.”

Well, word finally made its way to the filmmaker—Massimo Feliziani of Fly Fishing Adventures—who sent me these photos, along with a note:

Thanks for putting our video (“A Pesca con la Neve”) on the site Orvis Friday Film Festival 04.13.12. The Trouts have precisely these colors. We call them “stars.” Soon we put on our site a new movie clip. I send you some pictures of trout stars.

The colors of the spots on these trout hardly seem real. Methinks I must make a “research” expedition to Italy for a firsthand sampling.

Italian Brown Trout 5

Italian Brown Trout 3

Italian Brown Trout 1

Italian Brown Trout 2

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