Pictures of the Day: Idaho Browns on Salmonflies!


Hadden Goodman shows off a very healthy brown trout that could resist a huge meal.

photo courtesy Travis and Hadden Goodman

Wyoming natives Travis and Hadden Goodman made the best of the salmonfly hatch last week and caught these beautiful brown trout. The only information we could get out of them was that this was “somewhere in Idaho.” I applaud their discretion, even while jealousy tears at my very soul. Nice work, folks.


Fishing the emergence of the huge Pteronarcys californica, better known as salmonflies, is one of the Holy Grails for Western anglers. Some will even chase the hatch from state to state.

photo courtesy Travis and Hadden Goodman


Travis was able to tempt a few good ones, as well.

photo courtesy Travis and Hadden Goodman

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