Pictures of the Day: South Fork of the Boise Rainbow

South Fork Boise Rainbow 1

A gorgeous rainbow from Idaho’s South Fork of the Boise River.

photo courtesy Josh Hoisington

I got this great email from blog reader Josh Hoisington today:

In the middle of my second season fly fishing, I made the move to Idaho and have experienced some of the greatest fishing of my life. Here are some pictures of a 24-inch rainbow pulled from the South Fork of the Boise River. I caught her on a cranefly nymph with a downstream presentation I have dubbed the “Curtis Method” (after the kind gentleman who showed me the ropes on this river). Thanks for helping me enjoy the sport more and more each time I go out.

He also made a video of the highlights of his season.

South Fork Boise Rainbow 2

This fish fell for a cranefly Nymph fished downstream.

photo courtesy Josh Hoisington

South Fork Boise Rainbow 3

The best part is watching it swim away.

photo courtesy Josh Hoisington

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