Pictures of the Day: Tom Is Feeling Very Lucky

Tom's Rabbit Feet

Tom hoards his bunny feet because he likes tying with the fur so much.

photo by Phil Monahan

Tom Rosenbauer is well known for his killer pattern, Rosenbauer’s CDC Rabbit’s Foot Emerger. Years before I knew Tom, when I was guiding in Yellowstone National Park, the Rabbit’s Foot Emerger was my go-to fly for big cutthroats on the Lamar River. I would drop it off the back of a PMD Sparkle Dun, and the combination was absolutely deadly in August.

I found out today why Tom ties with rabbit’s foot so much: because he has an awesome supplier right here in the office. Administrator of Outdoor Services & Sporting Traditions Jodi Frederick is married to a maniacal hare hunter named Karl, and he sends Tom a huge bag of feet every winter. As the picture above shows, today was delivery day. I’m sure Tom feels extremely lucky.

Click here to read an interview with Tom about this killer pattern.

Tom's Rabbit Feet

Karl Frederick and his beagles are the source of Tom’s bunny stash.

photo by Jodi Frederick

Tom's Rabbit Feet

This fur will be responsible for fooling countless trout in 2013.

photo by Phil Monahan

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