Podcast: It’s the Habitat, Stupid

My apologies for the lack of recent podcasts — Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a week of vacation made it necessary for me to concentrate on my day job as Marketing Director over the past few weeks. But this week we have a nice long podcast, including some detailed fly box topics on everything from choosing a fly reel to fishing droppers to using beads for Steelhead.

In the main part of the podcast is an interview I did with Dr. Aaron Adams of Bonefish Tarpon Trust on how to find saltwater fish on your own by knowing their habitat preference. Click the play button above to listen, or click here.

Dr. Aaron Adams 1

As head of research for Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Dr. Aaron Adams works to
save inshore game fish and the habitat that sustains them.

photo courtesy Dr. Aaron Adams

One thought on “Podcast: It’s the Habitat, Stupid”

  1. I and my 2 adult sons are avid fly fisherman and we love the podcasts. We have learned so much and we talk about it constantly. However, from a business stand point that these podcasts have generated incredible brand loyalty for Orvis. In the last 3 months I have picked up 2 Helios rods, tons of clothing and other gear and frankly would feel very disloyal buying from someone else since you folks are doing so much for flyfishing. Pls keep it up.
    Also, you need to do a better job of making people aware of the existence of the podcasts, I know many avid anglers who have not heard of them or used them. Big Mistake on their part!

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