Podcast- Ten True Tips for False Albacore

This week’s podcast is timely—it’s on one of my very favorite fly-rod fish, the false albacore or little tunny (also known as albies, bonita, fat alberts, and boneheads). They are gorgeous, much faster than bonefish, and available from northern Cape Cod to Florida and throughout the Gulf Coast. Fall is the best time to fish for them close to shore, although in their southern range they can be caught on a fly year-round (you just might need a longer boat ride). There is no other fish I know if that causes such havoc with tackle and produces such idiotic and crazed behavior among anglers (and I include myself in that category).

One thing I neglected to mention in my podcast is the excellent book by Tom Gilmore titled False Albacore. It’s the only book written on the subject and a terrific resource. Get out there and sample a bit of this insanity yourself—you will never be the same.

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One thought on “Podcast- Ten True Tips for False Albacore”

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