Podcast- Stillwater Fly Fishing

With many trout rivers into serious runoff this month, and more to come as western snows melt, listeners have been asking for an early season stillwater podcast. This week I was lucky enough to interview Phil Rowley, one of the most knowledgeable stillwater anglers in the world and co-host of “The New Fly Fisher” TV show on World Fishing Network. I know I learned a lot in the show and I am sure you will as well. As an added bonus, there are some extra video tips form Phil, courtesy of “The New Fly Fisher”.

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6 thoughts on “Podcast- Stillwater Fly Fishing”

  1. On a later podcast, a woman talks about her success in a stillwater tournament based on her listening to this podcast on the commute to the tournament.

  2. As always, good ol’ Tom Rosenbauer does a terrific job hosting the show and had a great guest speaker.

  3. He provides his experiences and insights, but offers that he learns everyday and often invites people with more expertise to join him for different topics.

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