Rare, Vintage Lee Wulff Fly-Fishing Film

Here’s a wonderful piece of film by Lee Wulff demonstrating how a floatplane can offer an angler access to exceptional waters. As the person who posted this on YouTube explains:

Wings for an Angler with Lee Wulff was on 16mm, some what torn up when I got it from J. Frey in 1980’s. I transferred to VHS and found it last year. Now here is the seaplane fishing film, some what chopped up. This is the only copy that I know of.

There’s lots of great footage of leaping Atlantic salmon, and wait until you see the brookie that Wulff’s 10-year-old son Alan catches! (Hat tip: Moldy Chum.)

One thought on “Rare, Vintage Lee Wulff Fly-Fishing Film”

  1. Great fly fishing films by the legendary LW….am orig. from Nfld Canada where he many times fished for unbelievable eastern brook trout and Atlantic salmon…have always regretted that I never went to Labrador to fly fish….fished mostly on Avalon Peninsula in Southern Shore area which I loved very much….May he Rest in Peace and continue to fish in that great trout stream or pond in the heavens…..Regards…..BeeCee.

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