Video: How to Tie Rich’s Winter Stone

Rich’s Winter Stone from Richard Strolis on Vimeo.

Here’s a good, simple winter-stonefly pattern from Connecticut-based guide Rich Strolis. Winter stoneflies are common across the country, so this pattern should work almost anywhere. Rich says he primarily fishes this fly deep under an indicator in the winter, usually as a dropper behind a larger stonefly or cased caddisfly nymph. However, on occasion, he will trail this off of small caddisfly or stonefly imitation on the surface, typically at the end of a 12- to 18-inch dropper.


          Rich’s Winter Stone
          Hook: Tiemco 100 SPBL (here a Dai-Riki 125), sizes 14-20.

          Head: Brass bead.
          Thread: Black, 8/0 or 70 denier.

 Swisher Generation X Wiggly Legs.
          Rib: Ultra Wire, X-small.
Body: Thread and Mole.
          Wingcase: Flat Midge Braid.

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