Video: How to Tie the Shucked Up Emerger

Shucked Up Emerger from Richard Strolis on Vimeo.

We have featured many patterns from Connecticut-based guide Rich Strolis—such as his verion of a Blue-winged Olive Thorax pattern—and here’s a great emerger pattern to go with it. Blue-winged olives are among the most important insects in early spring out West, often hatching on overcast days or even during snow squalls. In the video, Rich says the fly is so effective he’s even a little hesitant to share his recipe, but I guess he can’t help himself…which helps us.

Here’s a reference photo and Rich’s recipe for the pattern, which can be tied to imitate many mayflies just by changing sizes and colors (such as the sulfur version he shows at the end of the video):

Shucked Up Emerger


          The Shucked-Up Emerger (all colors to match the naturals)
          Hook: Tiemco 108SP-BL, size 10-20.
          Thread: 8/0 or 70 denier.

: Orangutan Ice.

          Body: Tying thread.
          Collar: Ostrich herl.

          Legs: Partridge.
          Wing: Snowshoe-rabbit’s foot hair.

          Thorax/Head: Superfine dubbing.

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