Pictures of the Day: Riley’s Steelhead

Riley Brillon 4

A big fish deserves such a big smile.

photo by Shawn Brillon

A few weeks ago, Orvis product developer Shawn Brillon—a certified steelhead nut—took his 15-year-old son Riley over to New York’s Salmon River to see if they could catch a chromer. Well, as these pictures attest, the boy’s got the right stuff. Expect to see a lot more of Riley on this blog in the future. Way to go, young man!

Riley Brillon 1

Yankin’ back on a chromer with Dad’s Helios 11-foot, 8-weight switch rod.

photo by Shawn Brillon

Riley Brillon 2

Finally getting his hands wet on a beautiful, fresh steelie.

photo by Shawn Brillon

Riley Brillon 3

The sweet smell of success.

photo by Shawn Brillon

Riley Brillon 5

It’s a wise young man who knows when it’s time to fish and when it’s time to nap.

photo by Shawn Brillon

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