Photos of the Day: More Giant Trout from Argentina

Rio Manso 6

Marcus Baughman shows off a huge Argentina brown trout with brilliant red spots.

photo courtesy Rio Manso

Roberto Pandolfi of Rio Manso Lodge sent us a few recent images of Orvis customers fishing. Rio Manso is about 90 minutes south of Bariloche, Argentina, and there was a volcanic eruption in neighboring Chile last year that temporarily closed the airport. However, it’s clear from these photos that the ash didn’t hurt the fishing. It was a relatively warm, dry summer in Patagonia, and the fishing was sporadic, but as you can see, Marcus Baughman and John Walton did pretty well.

Rio Manso 2

John Walton’s lunker looks extremely well fed.

photo courtesy Rio Manso

Rio Manso 1

This sleek river fish isn’t as fat as the lake monsters above, but it’s a beauty nonetheless.

photo courtesy Rio Manso

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