Tarpon Hook-Up in the Keys

Orvis Rod & Tackle manager Steve Hemkens shared a boat with angler Fletcher White and Capt. Nick Varnberg during the annual Orvis Lodge Retreat in Key Largo over the weekend and managed to shoot this iPhone video of a great tarpon hookup.

Steve wrote: “Fletcher guided in Key West for 10 years, and it’s always nice to get outfished by someone who’s truly a great fisherman, which is what happened for me. My favorite part about it is that you can obviously see Fletcher knows how to feed and fight a tarpon, and he’s so non-chalant about it that he hands me his cell phone while the fish jumps in the background.”

Although the aspect of the iPhone video is vertical, rather than horizontal, you can blow this up to full-screen for a better view, since it’s in full high-definition video.

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