Pond-Testing New Switch Rods

Rod Testing 1
A team of Orvis product developers tests some prototypes at the office pond.
photo by Phil Monahan

I looked out the window yesterday and saw some activity down at the pond here at Orvis HQ, so I figured I’d see what the fuss was about. The rod-development team had just received several prototypes of switch rods to be part of the new Access line, and they simply couldn’t wait to see how they felt. It was a beautiful fall day in the Green Mountains, perfect for spending a little extra time outdoors. And when you’ve worked long and hard to develop a new fly-rod design, it’s a great feeling to finally hold the rod in your hands and see how it performs.

Rod Testing 2
This is just one of several test models of the new switch rod.
photo by Phil Monahan

A couple of years ago, Zach Matthews wrote a great article that explored how fly-fishing products go from the concept stage to landing in fly shops. Whether you’re talking about rods or waders, there are lots of steps involved, lots of opinions to solicit, and lots of manufacturing details to be worked out. Check out Zach’s article, “Reinventing the Wheel,” on his Web site, Itinerant Angler.

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