That New Pack from the H2 Video is Here!


The now famous “1:14 shot” from the Helios 2 video.

Back in August, when we first announced the Helios 2 fly rods by showing off the killer video below, we were surprised that several of the comments weren’t focused on the fly rod at all.

“Ryan H.” commented: “WHOA WHOA…. What was that SLING BAG at 1:14!?!?!?!?”

“Dirks” concurred: “I agree with Ryan…. that sling pack really caught my eye as well. Looks like there might be 2 items going on the wish list.”

But “Scagsquatch” took things a little further, going so far as to come up with a new name for the pack:

That sling pack looks sweet! I got the safe passage sling pack about a month ago and my super tac-l-pak vest has gotten very little action since. I love the sling and any complaints I may have appear to have been fixed by the “1:14” sling…hmmm… The 1:14. Great name for a pack! Lol!

Guide Sling

The new Guide Sling Pack

Well. . .that pack—which we decided to call it the Guide Sling Pack (no offense, “Scagsquatch”)—is now available, and it’s sweet. Shawn Combs, the product developer for rods and reels, came up with idea to take the original Sling Pack and make a bigger one. When I asked him to dump out everything he had in it one day in November, we counted 30 items, from matches to big streamer boxes to his camera and a rain jacket.

Click here to check it out.

Helios 2 (The Second Coming) from Sharptail Media on Vimeo.

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