The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast: The Go East – Go West Podcast

Tom covers a lot of material in this podcast. In the “Fly Box” section, he compares and contrasts vests vs chest packs vs waist packs vs sling packs, he covers how best to keep your flies floating (and reveals his secret) and then answers a question about realistic vs impressionistic flies.

The main topic of this podcast, though is what easterners can expect when taking a fishing trip west and what westerners can expect when making a trip east. What are the differences? How can you best prepare?

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One thought on “The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast: The Go East – Go West Podcast”

  1. Good day, gentlemen of Vermont,
    I am moved to leave a brief comment thanking you for the excellent Orvis flyfishing guide podcasts from Tom, Phil and guests over the years. I have rarely missed an episode, and have more often than not been entertained and educated in the ways of the trout and his mysterious world…carp too, recently. And steelhead, of course. Are they really so different from rainbows?? (Podcast suggestion alert..)… and also, though I have been fly fishing since age twelve and am now around four times that age (plus or minus 10%, naturally), I was thrilled to hear Tom respond to a question sent by me ( as Ford Fiasco: don’t ask..) three or four years ago… fighting big fish in fast water… definitely made my weekend!
    So that’s it for now, many thanks again, please keep it up and tight lines to you both!
    Dominic McClarey
    PS A brief last comment if I may – it’s not that easy to find where to leave a comment on the podcast without sending an e-mail, the new website is really fab but… everyone needs feedback, even Orvis 😉

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