The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast; The Ten Most Endangered Rivers in America

American Rivers has released their annual, Orvis-sponsored Most Endangered Rivers list. Since Tom is out of the office this week, we thought it was a good opportunity for a podcast episode with American Rivers’ Senior Director of River Protection, David Moryc. We Skyped together just this afternoon. I think it turned out pretty well.

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Here is the American Rivers List for 2011. Read more on their website at

America’s Most Endangered Rivers 2011

SPECIAL MENTION: Mississippi River
Threat: Outdated flood management

1)    Susquehanna River (NY, PA, MD)
Threat: Natural gas extraction

2)    Bristol Bay (AK)
Threat: Massive copper and gold mine

3)    Roanoke River (VA, NC)
Threat: Uranium mining

4)    Chicago River (IL)
Threat: Sewage pollution

5)    Yuba River (CA)
Threat: Hydropower dams

6)    Green River (WA)
Threat: Exploratory drilling and mine development

7)    Hoback River (WY)
Threat: Natural gas extraction

8)    Black Warrior River (AL)
Threat: Coal mining

9)    St. Croix River (MN, WI)
Threat: Rollback of longstanding protections

10)    Ozark National Scenic Riverways (MO)
Threat: Overuse and poor management

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