Tom Rosenbauer’s 13 Tips on Leaders

In this week’s fly box we talk about hook styles, casting on snow, and fly-fishing jargon. Then on to the main podcast, which is on the perenially popular subject of leaders: When to change tippets, how to modify your leader, the differences between the various types, fluoro vs. nylon, saltwater leaders described, and much more. It’s a topic that is mystifying to many people and we hope we both intrigue and educate you this week.

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From the Pamphlet “Notes to Fly Fishermen about Leaders”

7-1/2-foot Tapered Trout Leaders

7-1-2 leader 1

7-1-2 leader 2

9-foot Tapered Trout Leaders

9-foot leader 1

9-foot leader 2

12-foot Tapered Trout Leaders

12-foot leader

9-foot Light-Butt Tapered Trout Leaders, for 3- & 4-weight lines

9-foot Light leader

12-foot Light-Butt Tapered Trout Leaders, for 3- & 4-weight lines

12-foot Light Leader

3 thoughts on “Tom Rosenbauer’s 13 Tips on Leaders”

  1. It seems there is an error in The Orvis Guide to Leaders, Knots, and Tippets by Tom Rosenbauer. On page 150 it shows the formula for a 7.5′ 4x leader. The final piece of this leader is listed as an 18″ tippet section showing a diameter of .008. However, 4x is .007. It appears that this is shown correctly on this web page as .007.

  2. Thanks Tom. Great information. I’ve fly fished for trout for about 60 years and started my fly fishing “formal”education with your Orvis fly fishing guide book. I’m now a fan of your podcast and videos. Purchased many Orvis rods, reels, waders and other items of equipment over the years.

    I fly fish predominantly in NC- mountains, piedmont and coast and you have vastly increased my enjoyment over the years.

    Thanks again.

  3. Thank you Tom.
    I appreciate your information, also watch your informative videos on YouTube.
    I fish predominantly in Central PA, but venture to northern counties also. Have fished through the western states. Please keep the information flowing.

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