Tom Rosenbauer’s Ten Tips for Loading your Fly Box

Want to know how Tom would fill these up for fishing anywhere in the world? Listen to the podcast below. Pictured are the Orvis Lightweight Aluminum Fly Boxes.

This week we range in topics from toilet paper to bass leaders, but the main topic is one that is frequently requested: How to make sense of the thousands of patterns of dry flies into a reasonable number that will cover most of the hatches you encounter. I offer 10 tips on slimming down your fly box (or filling it up, depending on where you are in the game) plus my favorite dozen dry flies.

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One thought on “Tom Rosenbauer’s Ten Tips for Loading your Fly Box”

  1. Just listened to this pod cast and wanted to see the list of flies. Where can I get a copy of the list now that the podcast forum has been shut down?

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