Tropical Dreams Redux

Today’s the day it finally hit me: I’m sick of winter. With a foot of snow still on the ground and tomorrow’s high expected to be in the teens, fishing season still seems a long way off. Feeling sorry for myself this morning, I poured a cup of coffee and I opened up iPhoto on my home computer. Perhaps a little journey down memory lane would cheer me up, I thought.

And you know what? It worked. So I figured I’d share some images from a trip to Andros Island in the Bahamas I made with my friend and photographer Sandy Hays. Remembering the warmth of those tropical breezes took a bit of the chill off for me, and I hope it works for you, too. 

Andros 02

When you’re standing on the bow of a flats boat on the first day of a trip, scanning the 
water for tails or movement, the sense of anticipation is exhilarating.

 photo by Sandy Hays

Andros 07

Tropical flats are great places for optical illusions, as when the sea and sky seem
to meld into one another

 photo by Sandy Hays

Andros 10

Torpedo-like bonefish are shaped for speed.

 photo by Sandy Hays

Andros 08

Rule #1: Always take the guide’s suggestions, even if he doesn’t choose the flies 
you spent so much time tying back home.

 photo by Sandy Hays

Andros 20

The tropics are hard on equipment. . . of all kinds.

 photo by Sandy Hays

Andros 14

When storm clouds, which you’ve been watching for hours, finally arrive overhead, it’s 
time to head for the boat, although it’s hard to leave a flat full of tailing bones.

 photo by Sandy Hays

Andros 15

“I thought it just wasn’t fighting very hard.”

 photo by Sandy Hays

Andros 05

The sun can be brutal, so it’s extremely important to 
cover up and stay hydrated.

 photo by Sandy Hays

Andros 06

Bonefish get a lot of press for being fast and strong, but they’re beautiful, too.

 photo by Sandy Hays

Andros 16

Up close, it’s easy to spot the fish against the bottom. Fifty yards away? Not so much.

 photo by Sandy Hays

Andros 11

Don’t forget to devote some time to chasing ‘cudas. They fight hard, and the guide 
enjoys arriving at the dock with dinner in hand.

 photo by Sandy Hays

Andros 09

Chasing bonefish across the flats will test your casting skills to the limit.

 photo by Sandy Hays

Andros 22

If you’re going to whip a big fish, you need the right rod.

 photo by Sandy Hays

Andros 23

A portrait of the photographer, the unsung hero of most fishing articles.

 photo by Sandy Hays

[Note: I originally posted this last Wednesday as a slide show, but the third-party slide-show program had some technical difficulties and wasn’t working on some computers.]

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