Tuesday Tip: How to Correct the 5 Most Common Casting Mistakes

A couple weeks ago, when I posted the video about stillwater fishing, I called on the expertise of Phil Rowley because he knows more about fishing lakes than I do. This week, the topic is fly casting, so who better to instruct us than Pete Kutzer of the Orvis Fly-Fishing School in Manchester, Vermont. You are already familiar with Pete from his many great videos here on the fly-fishing blog. He has taught thousands of people how to cast, or how to cast better, and here he talks about the five most common mistakes that he sees on the water: 1. starting with the rod too high off the water; 2. not stopping the rod at the end of each forward and backcast; 3. going too far back with the rod on the backcast; 4. trying to “throw” the fly; and 5. tailing loops.

For the most part, these errors are pretty easy to correct, and if you pay attention to the solutions Pete offers here, your casting will jump immediately to the next level. You’ll find that you can cast longer, more accurately, and without the frustrating tangles that can waste a lot of time.

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