Tuesday Tip: Casting for Accuracy

Welcome to our fourth installment of “Ask a Fly-Fishing Instructor,” starring our own Peter Kutzer, who works at the Manchester, Vermont, Fly Fishing School. A couple months ago, we asked you to
post some questions about your biggest casting problems. Reader “Castalot” wrote,

What would you recommend as most helpful with accuracy at medium, trout stream distances? I sometimes have trouble reaching as far as I want with a cast, but more often I have trouble putting the fly where I want it at a reasonable distance. I know practice is the key but is there something(s) in particular to keep in mind when practicing?

This time, Peter met cameraman Eric Weisledder and me at Orvis HQ in Sunderland, Vermont, so he could offer some tips on putting your fly exactly where you want it to go. Using some small hoops placed on the grass, he shows that maintaining straight lines in your casting motion is the key to hitting the target. If you’ve got more questions for Peter, post them below, and we’ll address each casting problem in a new video.


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