Tuesday Tip: Casting in the Wind

Welcome to our third installment of “Ask a Fly-Fishing Instructor,” starring our own Peter Kutzer. A few weeks ago, we asked you to post some questions about your biggest casting problems. Reader Dave S. wrote,

I think I have a pretty decent casting motion, but the biggest issue I have is in the wind. I always get that tailing loop, and my leader knots up. I think it’s more pronounced in the wind because I strain harder. What practice tips can you give me to help?

In this video, Peter demonstrates how to beat the wind by casting lower, angling the rod tip, and even making the cast backwards.

We’ll choose one question a week to be answered by Peter, who has worked at the Orvis Manchester Fly-Fishing School since 2002. A native of southern Vermont, Peter has been a fisherman all his life, and he has a degree in outdoor education from Johnson State College. He’s also a seriously good caster, and during his years working for Orvis he has seen it all.

So let us help you become a better caster. Ask away!

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