Tying a Dropper Knot

How to Tie the Instant Dropper Knot from Zach Matthews on Vimeo.

Here’s another how-to video from Zach Matthews, who taught us how to set up a fly reel two weeks ago. This time, he describes a quick, neat method to tie the clinch knot required to attach a dropper line to the bend of a hook. Years ago, I learned a different method from a guide on Utah’s Green River. (See below.) Either way, the ability to make this knot quickly means you’ll get your flies in the water sooner—after re-rigging to change flies or because of a break-off—giving yourself a better chance of catching fish.

Dropper Loop

For a full discussion of all the various ways to tie and fish tandem rigs, check out my long article “Seeing Double.”

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