Repost: Tying the Sulphur Parachute

Tying a Sulphur Parachute Fly from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.

[Editor’s Note: Since we posted Tightline’s video for a Sulfur Emerger on Wednesday, I figured it would be worth reprising their video on tying a parachute version, as well.]

It’s almost time for the annual hatches of sulphurs (Ephemerella dorothea dorothea) in the East, while emergences of the Western subspecies (Ephemerella dorothea infrequens)–one of two mayflies known as pale morning duns–usually kick off in July. These large hatches of yellow duns offer some of the best dry-fly fishing of the season, and one of the best patterns for matching the naturals is the Sulphur Parachute. This video from Tightline productions, offers clear, step-by-step instructions for tying this useful and effective dry fly. You’ll also learn several tying tricks that will make tying any Parachute pattern easier. Hint: keep that Superglue handy.


                Sulphur Parachute
Standard dry-fly hook, here a Daik-Riki 305, sizes 12-18.
          Thread: Wood Duck UTC, 70 denier.
          Post: Poly yarn.
          Adhesive: Superglue.
          Tails: Cream hackle fibers.
          Body: Light yellow to orange dubbing.
          Hackle: Light yellow, cream, or light dun hackle.

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