Video: How to Tie an Isonychia Emerger

Back in January, we featured a how-to video on tying an Isonychia nymph, and now the folks at Tightline Productions have followed it up with an emerger to match the same genus. Isonychia mayflies, often known as slate-wing or mahogany duns, are prevalent throughout the eastern half of the United States, and trout feed on duns and spinners throughout the mid- to late season. Even though Isonychia hatches are generally sporadic, fish will often continue to rise even when just a few bugs are around. Isonychias usually hatch in the late afternoon or evening, and they spend quite a bit of time on the surface, which makes the emergers especially vulnerable to trout. That’s where patterns such as this one come in handy.

This version of the Isonychia emerger, by author and blogger Matt Grobert, is easy to tie, matches several mayfly species, and is durable. It imitates a mayfly struggling to escape from its nymphal shuck—just the kind of easy meal trout are always looking for.

Isonychia Emerger from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.


          Isonychia Emerger
          Hook: 2X-short emerger hook (e.g. Dai-Riki #125), size 12.
          Thread: Olive, 6/0.

          Shuck: Brown Zelon.

          Body: Isonychia-color dubbing.

          Wing: Dun Comparadun deer hair, cleaned and stacked.

          Head: Tying thread.

           Note: Commercially available Isonychia dubbing can be found here.


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