Video: A Trip to El Pescador

It’s a rainy, crappy day here in Vermont, so the appearance of this fun, amateur video of a trip to tropical paradise in Belize was a welcome diversion. It does a nice job of capturing all the cool stuff that goes on when you visit Ambergris Cay for fishing, 8-ball, and camaraderie. I visited Belize once, about a dozen years ago, and loved every minute of it, from the bonefish flats to the Mayan ruins.

I had the opportunity to spend some time with El Pescador owners Ali Flota and her mom Chris, as well as Ali’s two beautiful daughters, when we were at the Orvis Lodge Retreat in key Largo last month. (See below; that’s Steve Hemkens on the left.) They are great people who are extremely good stewards of their resources on the flats and the reefs of Ambergris and beyond.


The end of a great afternoon on a reef boat with the women of El Pescador.

photo courtesy Chris Spiro

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