Video: Carpin’ in the Bronx

Lifestyles Of The Poor from The Marble Trout on Vimeo.

An associate in the fishing department of Orvis Yonkers, Christian Medina explores the concrete jungle in search of fly-fishing opportunities. In this video, he finds plenty of willing carp in the Bronx River. If you think they’re just babies, make sure you watch until the end. Gives a whole new meaning to the term “Bronx cheer.” That’s life in the Big City, son.

One thought on “Video: Carpin’ in the Bronx”

  1. The picture reminded me of my youth.
    I fished the Bronx River for carp in the 1960’s. The Botanical Gardens section was my favorite. Of course I would have to sneak in the fishing gear or make the gear on the spot.
    I also participated in the river restoration project by the Southeastern Sportsman’s group out of White Plains.
    Hopefully(a long shot,I admit) the river one day will be an urban clean watershed.

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