Video: Teaser for “Tailout,” a Film about Summer Steelhead

Here’s the initial teaser for an upcoming steelhead film called “Tailout.” This segment, “First Push,” focuses on those hardcore steelheaders who can’t wait for the height of the run. Instead, they get on the water as the first steelies arrive, hoping to intercept these muscular chromers fresh from the ocean. Director John Arnold of Scumliner Media offers this description:

“Tailout” is my work-in-progress featuring summer steelhead and the diverse rivers they live in. The film is about traditional dry-line fishing on the swing for West Coast steelhead and the great diversity of waters they inhabit. In an era of “more is better,” I hope to feature a more traditional and rewarding approach to steelhead fly fishing.

The initial teaser, “First Push” features my good friends Andy Zachary and Sara Roholt targeting the very first fish of the year, which arrive to coastal rivers in late May and June. Andy has been swinging flies for steelhead for nearly 30 years, Sara for only a couple. Though they are 20 years apart in age, they are two of the most avid and intense outdoorsmen I know.

Filming will continue through the fall of 2012—and maybe beyond…

I hope that Arnold does maintain a “more is better” approach when it comes to releasing more teasers as filming progresses.

First Push

Sara Roholt cradles a summer-run steelhead on a river in the Pacific Northwest.

photo courtesy Scumliner Media

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