Video: Killer Fly Fishing for Rainbows in. . .Peru?

Fly Fishing PerĂº “Peru Anglers” from alexander estrada on Vimeo.

Talk to a hundred anglers about fly-fishing in South America, and I doubt one will mention Peru. Trout in Argentinian or Chilean Patagonia? Sure. Golden dorado in Bolivia? Of course. Peacock bass in Brazil and Venezuela? A given. But rainbows in the land of Machu Picchu probably won’t come up.

That said, check out this great video from Peru Anglers, featuring some wonderful shots of leaping and tailwalking trout. The gorgeous scenery is pretty nice, as well.

peru trout

7 thoughts on “Video: Killer Fly Fishing for Rainbows in. . .Peru?”

  1. Hi, nice to see our video on your web site we really like your products, please check our web site to see more pictures, we also fish in the jungle for dorados, pacues, gamitanas and others and the season is just starting.
    if you have any suggestion or question please get in touch with us.

  2. Planning a spring break trip to Peru in mid March. How is the fishing that time of year? Are there public lakes and rivers to explore and fish?

  3. We are planning a trip to mach pichu in late March. what would be the possibilities of fly fishing in that area or in lake titicaca?

  4. Hi Gabriel, I tried to enter your web page but could not enter. I have trip to Peru next month. Do you know if I can arrange a guide for some flyfishing?


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