Video: How to Tie a Multi-Feather Flatwing

Back in February, we featured a video on tying a Single-Wing Flatwing streamer, and this lesson builds on the techniques you learned to tie that simple fly. A Multi-Feather Flatwing offers a much bigger profile and moves a lot more water, which can create fish-attracting commotion. However, it also requires that you layer a lot of stuff on a single hook. This fly looks complicated and difficult to tie, but it isn’t—as long as you are able to control all the materials on the hook. That’s where master tier Joe Cordeiro comes in: his techniques for layering, securing, and manipulating the materials are the key to building a gorgeous Flatwing. Follow his instructions on when to use just a single thread wrap and when to really crank down, and you’ll soon be able to make patterns that look great in the water and catch big fish.

In this great video from Tightline Productions, Joe Cordeiro, author of Techniques for Tying the Flatwing Fly, offers a step-by-step lesson on tying a Multi-Feather Flatwing. As always in a Tightline video, you’ll learn some cool new tricks that will broaden your tying vision and skill set. Cordeiro takes a real building-block approach, making the most of layered materials and each thread wrap.


          Multi-Feather Flatwing Streamer
          Hook: Eagle Claw L253, size 2/0.
          Thread: White Uni-Thread, 3/0.

          Tail: White bucktail, sparse and 2X shank length.
          First Underwing: White neck hackle.
          Dubbing pillow: Fluff from base of white neck hackle feather.

          First Wing: White Flatwing Fly Hackle.

          First Wing Flash: Pearl Flashabou.

          Second Wing: Yellow Flatwing Fly Hackle.

          Second Wing Flash: Silver Flashabou.

          Third Wing: Silver Doctor blue saddle hackle.

          Third Wing Flash: Blue Flashabou.
          Body: Silver Bill’s Bodi-Braid.
          Belly: White bucktail.

          Overwing: Chartreuse and blue bucktail.

          Topping: 7 peacock herls.

          Cheeks: Lavender bucktail.

          Eyes: Jungle cock.

          Head: White thread and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.

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