Video: How to Tie the Polar Chenille Leech

Tying A Polar Chenille Leech from Rob Weiker on Vimeo.

Sometimes the most effective patterns are the simplest ones to tie. Here’s a great leech from Rob Weiker of Lakestream Outfitters in Whitefish, Montana. Here’s what he has to say about it:

Streamers, Everyone loves them… But where do you start? There are lots of crazy patterns out there and almost any of them will catch fish sooner or later. Most serious streamer fisherman have a few patterns that are consistant producers. The Polar Chenille Leech is one of mine. I really like to keep things simple with my streamers. Crazy elaborate patterns dont seem to work as well as simple patterns. The Polar Chenille Leech is about as simple as it gets while giving a great profile with lots of movement.

Polar Chenille Leech

Hook: Standard streamer hook (here a Dai-Riki #710), sizes 4-8.

Bead: 5/32-inch bead: brass, tungsten black, or black nickel.
Thread: Black, 3/0.
Underbody: .025 lead wire.

Tail and body: Brown Polar Chenille.

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