Introducing the Helios 2: Feed Your Addiction

Helios 2 (The Second Coming) from Sharptail Media on Vimeo.

We’ve been teasing this for a couple weeks now, and here it is: your first look at the new Helios 2 fly rods and what they bring to the table. This great video, shot by Sharptail Media, focuses on the advances that make the H2 a true leap forward from its predecessor. Plus, you’ll see it in action against big tarpon and trout. Here’s what Simon from Sharptail had to say about the experience:

It was pretty wild to see all the work (research, development, testing, etc.) that went into this rod, as the goal was to significantly improve upon the original Helios (something that many anglers thought wasn’t possible). I got to fish one of these sticks last month and the buzz about this rod is no joke. It is awesome. I grabbed my camera, some of the Orvis guys grabbed a couple Helios 2’s, and we went out and shot some fun salt and fresh water footage.

For more information, visit the new Helios 2 page on


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