Video: “Jungle Fish” Trailer–The Search for Arapaima

Here’s a trailer for the DVD “Jungle Fish,” which is part of a new kind of fly-fishing film, which seeks to explore how angling resources can help local communities:

This documentary follows three fishermen on an epic voyage into the heart of Guyana’s untamed jungle. Their mission: to prove that the world’s largest freshwater fish—the arapaima—can be caught with a fly. If they succeed, it’ll mean a brighter future for the Amerindians, the rain forest they call home—and for the threatened arapaima itself.

To see a fish of that size at the end of a fly line is pretty spectacular, although getting to the fish takes some doing and involves dodging some pretty large reptiles.

Click here to buy the DVD.

Arapaima can grow to 10 feet and 400 pounds.

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